School Uniform

School Uniform is a must. Students should come to school wearing a neat and tidy uniform. Untidiness in dress damages the image of the school.  No other colour dress is permitted except on some special occasions with the prior permission of the Principal.
For Winter: Students must wear Navy Blue Cardigans / Pullover with white cuffs, Girls can wear long white stockings or white leggings. Boys will wear full pants and Navy Blue Pullovers. Navy Blue scarves and caps may be used.
HOUSE UNIFORM : House Uniform is compulsory on Wednesday and Saturdays. Boys & Girls: House wise Tracksuit, white socks & canvas shoes.

Hair Cut

Girls: Girls with long hair must make two plaits and with short hair must have bob cut or tie two pony tails with white hair bands/white ribbon.
Boys: Hair should be kept evenly short. Mushroom cuts are prohibited. They have to trim their beards. Clean shave is compulsory for all the boys of class X.